Frequently Asked Questions

All those little things you’d like to know!

Taster Days and Introduction Days can be arranged as soon as you wish, usually within 2 weeks of your enquiry.

Each study unit is available approximately 4 times a year but this can be flexible in some circumstances.

Each unit has a different requirement. The time for each one is indicated on the breakdown of the course but it is likely that each assignment would take you between 6 – 12 hours if you have attended the presentation. It may take longer if you are attempting it through home study.

Following a presentation day you are asked to submit work within 3 weeks. Resubmissions should be sent within a further week. If the time is exceeded you may be asked to return for a further study day which may incur an additional charge.

Once achieved, the qualification does not need to be renewed apart from First Aid which must be renewed every 2 years. However, there is an expectation that you do 25 hours of CPD each year if you join a professional association.

You need to attend for the Introduction Unit and then for at least 7 days for the practical training and assessments. However, you are strongly advised to attend for any units for which you have limited knowledge or experience.

All practical elements of the course must be done at Canine Therapies.

You need to attend for the Introduction Unit and then for at least 7 days for the practical training and assessments.

We try to be an inclusive provider. However, the practical elements are physically demanding so you do need to be sufficiently fit and able to manoeuvre a dog in and out of the pool or water treadmill. Some learning disabilities can be accommodated but the course demands a good standard of written and spoken English. Specific needs must be declared and discussed on application.

Either waders or a wetsuit plus suitable footwear according to personal preference. You also need warm clothing to wear immediately after exiting the pool to keep warm.

You can pay monthly in 6 or 10 instalments or unit by unit. However, paying for each unit will ultimately cost slightly more.


If you can provide evidence of your qualification you will not have to attend the study day but you will be asked to complete the assignment. This applies only to qualified Vets, Vet Nurses and Veterinary Physiotherapists. There will be a reduction in cost (details on application)